What is TMP?

What is Tomorrow Made Possible?

Simply put, Gonzaga could not function without the support of its alumni. Tomorrow Made Possible is a day to celebrate of our donors, recognize what they contribute, and show appreciation for the impact their gifts make. This past year, we were humbled by 13,287 selfless donors who supported GU.

Tomorrow Made Possible is not just a day to acknowledge and thank donors, it is a campus-wide event with intentions to engage and educate students on the importance and impact of giving.

Who are Gonzaga Donors?

Gonzaga donors are alumni, parents, and friends of the University who support our mission through the giving of their time, treasure, and talent. Donors are people who volunteer at campus events, mentor current students, and who make annual contributions to scholarships and funds. These gifts vary in size from graduation years ($20.15) to thousands of dollars.

What is #ZagDonorLove? 

The hashtag “#ZagDonorLove” is our way of virtually displaying our appreciation for all of the gifts and donors that Gonzaga receives. We encourage students and the entire Gonzaga community to show their gratitude by sharing a picture of something they are grateful for and tagging it with #ZagDonorLove on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There is a social media contest for those who use #ZagDonorLove. 

What inspires donors to give? 

Our donors believe in Zags and they aren’t afraid to share their memories and stories, in fact sharing stories is what being a Zag is all about. Every member of Zag Nation has a unique experience that connects them to Gonzaga. The experiences which create our inspiration for support are endless!
From retreats to club sports or the Gonzaga Will campaign, alumni are inspired to keep the life in Gonzaga.

The inspiration for support of our university is endless; ranging from undergraduate experiences to significant connections, donors are inspired to keep the life in Gonzaga.

How does Gonzaga Will impact students?

9 out of 10 students receive some form of scholarships, Gonzaga Will prioritizes this. With our world becoming that much more global, international learning opportunities are a huge impact piece for students with the Gonzaga Will campaign. Gonzaga Will supports student retreats, vital sustainability efforts, 21st century Jesuit lessons, new facilities that work smarter, and preservation of a small class size ratio. Learn more about the campaign here: http://gonzagawill.com/

Where does the money that Gonzaga receives from donors go?

Student Life Programming and Involvement:

  • Study abroad programs like Florence & Zambia
  • Center for Community Action and Service Learning Volunteer Trips & Immersions
  • University Ministry Retreats
  • Student Involvement and Leaderships Clubs & Club Sports 
  • Internship and Research Opportunities

Donor support also goes toward:

  • Relieving students’ financial obligations through scholarships
  • Keep technology and lab equipment up to date
  • Buildings, facilities, and learning spaces on campus
How can Alumni stay connected to Gonzaga?
  1. Join your local Gonzaga Alumni Chapter 
  2. Become a GAMP mento
  3. Support the Annual Campaign and show your commitment to being a Zag for life!