Chris Mullins

Chris Mullins

G.U. Alumni Association Scholar, '09-'10

B.A., Mathematics, '11

Chris MullinsChris chose Gonzaga University because he was looking for a school with small classes so he would have the opportunity to get to really know his professors and fellow students. “I haven’t regretted my choice for a second.”

He thought he wanted to be an engineer when he applied, but it wasn’t long before his love for mathematics emerged. “Math is what I've been built to do. I love the beautiful, structural richness of mathematics and its myriad applications in the world. I also love sharing that beauty with others, which is the primary reason I would like to teach higher level math.”

One of Chris’ favorite teachers and mentors is Dr. Rob Ray of the Mathematics Department. “I admire him because of his enthusiasm and humility in teaching. He is a good friend as well as a good teacher.”

Another favorite professor is Dr. Michael Collender who taught Chris in his Philosophy of Human Nature class. “He wanted us to know how to think and analyze other philosophies. He impressed upon me how serious the business of education is and how valuable it is. It's not about learning a mere trade to get a good job so you can buy stuff and retire comfortably some day; it's about valuing the education itself and using it well.”

Chris plans to pursue graduate studies in mathematics. A native of Spokane, he said “I'd like to stay in the area if I could; I love the Pacific Northwest.”

The Alumni Association Scholarship was a real blessing for Chris, as it enabled him to focus on his studies in mathematics and begin to seriously consider pursuing graduate studies with the ultimate goal of teaching. For him, the scholarship has provided a tremendous “leg up” toward achieving his dreams.

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