Hannah Winters

Kathryn A. Jacklin Memorial Scholarship

2010-2011 Recipient:  Hannah Winters 

Hannah WintersThis is Hannah's second year as a Jacklin Scholar and her final year as a Gonzaga undergraduate. She is on track to graduate next May with her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Her plan remains to attend graduate school to earn her medicinal chemistry degree and then pursue a career in drug research.

"I have had the chance to take some more classes geared toward that field and really enjoyed them, so I think it is still the right fit for me," Hannah says. "Ever since I became interested in science during middle and high school, I have wanted to work with it as a career. The fact that it came easily to me and really fascinated me made me pretty sure it was a job I could do for the rest of my life and be really happy with. As I got into my classes here at Gonzaga, I found that I was most interested by the chemistry of life. The classes and subjects that I loved the most were about how the human body worked on the molecular, and sometimes cellular level. Naturally, this leads me to want to learn how to fix it using chemistry."

She is looking at several graduate schools. "Right now my options are University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Washington, University of California, San Francisco, Stanford, University of California, Los Angeles, Boston University and St. John's University in New York City. These schools are in bigger cities and have the program that I am interested in."

Meanwhile, she is spending this last year at Gonzaga absorbing all she can about her chosen field of study. "Every day in Hughes Hall (Gonzaga's science facility) is a new adventure," she says. "I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about quantitative chemistry and about the awe-inspiring process of a developing human child. Currently I am studying the complexity of our own immune system and how it protects us more than we can ever know."

Hannah asked to convey this message to the benefactors responsible for her scholarship:  "I am not sure exactly how I am supposed to put into words my feeling of gratitude towards someone who is giving me money for school when they do not even know me. I know people donate money to causes and schools all the time without necessarily knowing where it is going, but to specifically create a scholarship fund without knowing the recipients in advance is pretty cool to me. So I guess all I can say is thanks. Without having ever met me, you have made a lasting impact in my life that will hopefully translate to an even bigger impact in the world with the work that I hope to do. Know that I will not ever forget this. I will never forget the fact that someone who did not have a clue who I was gave money to the school, hoping and trusting it would find the right person. I hope that someday I will be in the position to help out college students like you are doing now, because in the end, my life is not measured by what I do for myself, but by the help and lasting legacy that I give to others."

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