Angie Arnoux

Angie Arnoux

G.U. Alumni Association Scholar, '01-'05

B.Ed., Special Education, '04

Angie ArnouxAngie is a great example of how Gonzaga’s mission of educating the whole person reaps rich rewards. “Everything I learned at GU has a major impact in my life today,” Angie said, “not only the education classes, but the whole program. I feel that going to Gonzaga made me a well rounded individual and I have the confidence to try many new endeavors.”

She now manages the Children’s Center for the Spokane Tribe. “I make sure our childcare runs smoothly and the children there have the best possible environment to flourish. It is a challenge having all that responsibility, but because I feel confident in my education, that helps me feel confident that I am doing a good job.”

Angie knew coming into Gonzaga that she wanted to teach, but she wasn’t sure in what discipline. That is, until she took the first required class for getting a teaching certificate. “It was Psychology of the Exceptional Child, and it was so interesting to me. That is what made me choose Special Education for my major.” Her favorite professor was Randy Williams: “He was always there to help or give advice. He is passionate about his work and his students.”

To say that she is grateful for the Alumni Association Scholarship is an understatement. “Without the scholarship I might not have been able to attend GU and that would have been devastating to me. Also, it showed me that my hard work did pay off.”

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