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Spring 2015

The following syllabi are in a pdf format.
DPLS 701 Organizational Theory
DPLS 703 Global Issues & Policy Analysis
DPLS 708 Leadership, Restorative Justice, and Forgiveness
DPLS 722 Quantitative Data Analysis
DPLS 730 Proposal Seminar
DPLS 746 Leadership & Applied Ethics (updated syllabus coming soon)
DPLS 776 Social Construction of Leadership
DPLS 777 Power & Influence in Leadership
DPLS 778 Listen, Discern, Decide
DPLS 779 Leadership & Film

Fall 2014

The following syllabi are in a pdf format.
DPLS 700 Leadership Theory
DPLS 720 Principles of Research
DPLS 723 Qualitative Research Theory & Design
DPLS 728 Scholarship & Dissertation Framework
DPLS 730 Proposal Seminar
DPLS 744 Leadership Language & Culture
DPLS 745 Leadership & Personal Ethics
DPLS 749 Leadership & Eco Ethics
DPLS 752 Leadership & Philosophy
DPLS 779 Feminist Epistomologies

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All Are Welcome Here

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