Responding Ethically

To respond ethically is to see the relationship of self to other in the contexts of care and justice and to act out of that awareness.

Personal. Leaders are free as human agents to act in accordance to their deepest desires. Through discernment they are able to make judgments that are reasonable based on data available, and they choose actions that are responsible. Leaders have a virtuous character; they have integrity and choose to act authentically.

Organizational. Leaders are trustworthy. They are sensitive to how they influence and are influenced by others. They embrace a culture of hospitality, creating space for the other that honors their presence with on-going regard and respect, moving toward a sense of collective “We.” Responding in community involves leaders being able to reconcile dissonance, embrace chaos, and create new beginnings.

Global Social Systems. Leaders are committed to responses that speak to truth and justice. Leaders create relationships that help people come to know one another and discern how their lives, although different, are connected to their neighbors at a deep level. Connection encourages community members to learn of each other’s struggles and successes, providing a sense of unity and support during challenging times.

All Are Welcome Here
All Are Welcome Here