Course Descriptions


LDRS 220 Introduction to Leadership (1 credit)Spring, Freshman Year
This course is designed to serve as an introduction to the dynamic and growing field of study in leadership. Through discussion, lecture, research, readings and activities students will review basic myths and principles of leadership, trait theory, great man theory, the role of self-understanding in effective leadership, the notion of relational leadership, ethics, power, and learn some basic leadership skills in groups. Students will be responsible for crafting their own leadership model that reflects the material covered in the course.

LDRS 221 Profiles in Leadership (1 credit)Fall, Sophomore Year
Using the context of a variety of historical and current leaders, this course is designed to answer the question, "What is it that makes someone a leader?' Students will examine various leadership theories such as trait theory, charisma, methods of influence, and other appropriate areas of leadership study. Examining the lives of various historical leaders, students will develop an analysis of the key themes and traits that capture the essence of the individual being studied.

LDRS 320 Theories in Leadership Development (1 credit)Spring, Sophomore Year
This course, building on LDRS 220 and LDRS 221, challenges students to deepen their understanding of leadership by interacting with leaders, doing in-depth analysis of various leadership theories, studying leadership issues in current events, participating in role play exercises and refining their own personal leadership philosophy based on the class experience.

LDRS 321 Dynamics of Leadership (1 credit)Fall, Junior Year
This course is designed to be a practical application of previous course work in leadership. The focus of this class is on developing key leadership skills such as managing conflict, team building, group decision making and communication. Students will study group dynamics involving gender and other diversity topics. The class will include exercises, case studies and discussion, designed to give students opportunities to practice and develop leadership skills.

LDRS 489 Leadership Elective* (2-3 credits)Spring, Junior or Senior Year
Electives will be offered by faculty on a yearly basis based on student learning objectives and faculty expertise. Elective include such courses as Leadership & Storytelling, Student Leadership & Governance, Service & Leadership, Outdoor Leadership, and Women & Leadership. Elective options will be available Fall semester prior to Spring registration.

LDRS 440 Servant Leadership (2 credit)Fall, Senior Year
This course is designed to expose students to the ideas of servant leadership. The course is an inquiry into the nature and dynamics of servant leadership, and includes a focus on the concepts of empowerment, collaboration and dialogue. Through study, self-awareness and mentoring, students will grow to be future servant leaders within the community. Students will model servant leadership by creating and/or participating in an on-campus or community project.

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