Chilena Library Project

The Chilena Basic School is a rural elementary school located just outside of Zambezi, Zambia. The school serves approximately 700 children and hosts Gonzaga University student teachers every May and June.  

Gonzaga has partnered with the Chilena Basic School to build a new library. Funding is still needed to complete and sustain the library so that the entire community can achieve their educational and economic goals. At this time, exterior construction on the library is complete. The next steps involve interior shelving, plumbing, finishing work and electrical connections.  

This library benefits both the community served by the Chilena Basic School as well as the Gonzaga students who teach there, matching the Gonzaga-in-Zambezi program focus on a philosophy of mutuality and the importance of interdisciplinary, relationship-driven community development.  

Current need: $25,000

There is the need for $10,000 to complete construction and another $15,000 to ship books and computers to Zambezi to fill the library. This amount will purchase 22,000 books with an IRS value of $250,000.

If you would like to support the Chilena Library Project by making a donation to the Zags in Zambezi program, please click here.

“We give special thanks to you: we believe knowledge is the weapon to success in life."                                                                                                                                                                                            -Sandu, a Zambian resident who attended lessons through the Gonzaga-in-Zambezi program