Students Accept the Obligation of an Engineer

May 09, 2024
Janean J Schmidt | School of Engineering & Applied Science
Four students show Order of the Engineer rings through the ceremony ring
Almost a quarter of Gonzaga's Engineering & Computer Science Class of 2024 chose to join the Order of the Engineer. The ring ceremony, held May 3, was the largest in recent history from the School of Engineering & Applied Science, and included at least one student from every SEAS discipline.

At the ring ceremony, students pledge to protect public health, safety and welfare through their engineering-related work. A stainless steel ring is placed on the smallest finger of the working hand as a public symbol of that pledge.

Newly inducted members are:

  • Elizabeth Anders, Mechanical Engineering
  • Taylor Auerbach, Civil Engineering
  • Jaylene Baltazar, Comp Sci & Computation Think
  • Nathan Bashant-Coon, Comp Sci & Computation Think
  • Ryan Beck, Computer Engineering
  • Brynna Bone, Civil Engineering
  • Adam Bussey, Mechanical Engineering
  • Christine Cabero, Computer Engineering
  • Haley Crabbe, Engineering Management
  • Shawn Crowell, Civil Engineering
  • Quinn Donnelly, Electrical Engineering
  • Faith Duberow, Mechanical Engineering
  • Amelia Ellis, Computer Engineering
  • Elizabeth Figueroa, Computer Science
  • Carson Free, Computer Engineering
  • Olivia Goodman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Audrey Gratzer, Mechanical Engineering
  • Matthew Hoffman, Civil Engineering
  • Colleen Lemak, Computer Science
  • Nicholas Linthacum, Computer Engineering
  • Joseph "Joey" Macauley, Computer Engineering
  • Mark Madler, Computer Engineering
  • Allison McKernan, Engineering Management
  • Nisa Meshal, Computer Science
  • Cristal Meza, Computer Science
  • John Nealon, Comp Sci & Computation Think
  • Esme Nelson, Civil Engineering
  • Will Newhoff, Civil Engineering
  • Luke Nguyen, Computer Science
  • Ethan Osgood, Computer Engineering
  • Demetrius Padilla, Civil Engineering
  • Maeve Patterson, Civil Engineering
  • Joie Reyes, Civil Engineering
  • Sarah Simmons, Civil Engineering
  • Audrey Stevenson, Civil Engineering
  • Greta Tauferner, Mechanical Engineering
  • Alexi Townsend, Civil Engineering
  • Ben Trigg, Civil Engineering
  • Matthew VonWahlde, Computer Engineering
  • Chance Wilson, Computer Engineering
  • Cameron Zheng, Computer Engineering
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