Emeritus: Accomplishments Honored

Megan Ballard, Faculty emeritus.
Professor Megan Ballard

May 07, 2024
Gonzaga University Communications | Spirit Newsletter
Six longtime and esteemed professors are granted faculty emeritus status after review of nominations submitted.

Professor Emeritus

Megan Ballard, faculty emeritus.

Megan Ballard taught law at Gonzaga for more than 20 years with emphasis on Property, Immigration Law and Policy, and Forced Migration Law and Policy. Described as a team player, Ballard was an accomplished scholar and twice served as a visiting Fulbright Scholar in Georgia and Jordan.

Randy Bennet, faculty emeritus.

Randy Bennett was one of the first doctorate-qualified professors Dean Bud Barnes hired in his effort to gain business school accreditation in the 1980s. During Bennett’s 36 years here he taught many courses in economics, showed a passion for Jesuit education and made a unique contribution to his students, Barnes said.

Patrick ferro, faculty emeritus.

Patrick Ferro, described by Dean Karlene Hoo as a positively spirited mechanical engineering professor who often volunteered his services outside the classroom, pioneered several interdisciplinary courses, co-teaching with faculty in Human Physiology, Chemistry and Biochemistry. He advised 20-40 students per year and loved it.

Steve Schennum, faculty emeritus.

Over 38 years Steven Schennum contributed extensively to the electrical and computer engineering curricula, teaching courses spanning circuits, electronics, electromagnetic fields and communications.His Smart Antennae and Radio Laboratory provides state-of-the-art research and advanced technology opportunities to nearly 100 undergraduates and industrial clients.

headshot of Mary Pat Truehart, faculty emeritus.

Mary Pat Treuthart has taught law here for 35 years in various areas: Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, International Human Rights, Mental Disability Law and Women’s Rights. She served as Fulbright senior lecturer in Poland in 2002. But she is so much more than a teacher. She has served on numerous boards dealing with human justice, as a volunteer and a radio show host.


Associate Professor Emeritus

Father Robert Lyons, Faculty emeritus.

Father Robert Lyons, S.J., served Gonzaga for 45 years as a teacher in communications studies and integrated media. He developed the broadcasting program and various radio and TV courses, and designed the Podcast Suite. He started, licensed and managed KAGU Radio. He chaired Communication Arts and served on the Board of Trustees for 11 years and the Board of Members since 1993.

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