Delft: Biking around the Netherlands

Biking in Delft

May 16, 2024
By Caroline Triplett ('26) | Civil Engineering

Today was a learning experience in Delft, Netherlands as the students biked around the city following the correct traffic laws. Biking through roundabouts and intersections with cars, pedestrians, and trams is different! The roads are different widths in Delft to accommodate for the pedestrian and bicycle traffic as well as to limit fast-paced motor vehicles.

girl in large wooden shoes
After touring different types of bicycle facilities for two hours, some students went off to explore the Netherlands on foot. The old town square, or Markt, is a fun place to shop and walk around the canals. One gift shop has an oversized pair of wooden shoes for visitors to stand in -- Katerina Scott gave it a try! Real clogs, or klompen, have been worn in the Netherlands since medieval times.

Our location in Delft includes a communal kitchen and students cooked dinner together.


8-man crew
Rowing is a popular sport in the Netherlands. This 8-person rowing team glides through the canals while students walked near the Markt.
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