29 Faculty, Staff, Administrators Honored for 890 Years of Combined Service

cut picture of 29 annierversarians

April 12, 2024
Gonzaga University Communications | Spirit Newsletter

President Thayne McCulloh, on behalf of Gonzaga, honored 29 members of this university community on March 21 who embody the spirit of St. Ignatius every day in their work with their exemplary partnership, dedication and commitment to fulfill our mission.

These are colleagues who have contributed 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years respectively to their work here at Gonzaga, or a combined 890 years.

“On behalf of the many students you have taught or mentored, the many colleagues you have worked with, and the many tasks you have carried out in service of our primary mission of educating students, I want to express my deepest thanks and gratitude for your years of service and loyal dedication to this university," said President McCulloh.

29 anniversarians being honored for their work.
Anniversarians, front row, l to r: Ron Large, Religious Studies, 35 years; Ben Semple, Modern Languages, 25; Shannon Zaranski, Health Sciences, 25; Jennifer Shepherd, Chemistry, 25; Jason Gilman, ITS; 25 Jane Hession, Business, 40; Molly McFadden, Foley, 30; Mia Bertagnolli, Provost's Office, 30; Jolanta Weber, Provost, 35; Carolyn Hood, Law, 30. Back row: Raymond Reyes, President's Office, 35; Michiko Tra, ITS, 30; Glen Frappier, Forensics, 25; Randy Bennett, Business, 35; Angela Ruff, Provost's Office, 35; David Boose, Biology, 25; Dori Sonntag, University Advancement, 25; Chuck Murphy, Finance, 45; Bud Barnes, Business, 50; Julie McCulloh, Enrollment Management, 30, Joe Poss, University Advancement, 25. Not pictured: Jeff Amann, Plant, 25; Liz Bennett, Education, 25; Kim Weber, Education, 25; David Cleary, Chemistry, 30; Mike Grabowski, Registrar's Office, 30; David Nowak, Engineering, 30; Chris Standiford, Athletics, 30; Dean Larson, Mathematics, 35.

Few here have been more appreciated than Bud Barnes, who has served as dean of the School of Business Administration and economics professor during his 50 years on campus; longtime controller, vice president for finance and now Chief Strategy Officer Chuck Murphy, who has helped keep the University in balance – literally and figuratively – over his 45 years on the job; and Jane Hession, who in 40 years has transformed the way students in the School of Business Administration are supported in their academic journeys.

“In 1973, U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War ended, the first handheld mobile phone call was made, and average tuition at a four-year public college was $358. But that was also the year that Bud Barnes began his journey at Gonzaga and tonight we honor his 50 years of service,” McCulloh said.

Barnes was one of only two doctorally educated professors in the business school when he joined Gonzaga. He would move up the academic ranks and begin his 33-year run as dean in 1980, greatly expanding Ph.D.s on the faculty.

Beyond his efforts to create endowed professorships, chairs and faculty fellowships, he orchestrated events that brought academic topics and intellectual discourse to the community through the Economics Symposium, Dean’s Business Forum lecture series, Puget Sound Business Forum lecture series, and the Family Owned Business Conference.

He literally built the School of Business Administration by helping raise donations and overseeing the Jepson Center’s construction in 1986-87 and its expansion in 2003-2004.

“It is impossible to measure the contributions and impacts made by Chuck Murphy. A constant champion, his quiet leadership, always in service of our shared mission, has been instrumental in getting us to where we are today,” McCulloh said.

“When Chuck joined the Gonzaga community in 1978, the campus looked a little different. But so much of the significant change that has happened over the last 45 years has been due to Chuck’s vision for what Gonzaga could and should be in this world, the president said.

In his time here, Murphy has worked tirelessly to develop and institute financial plans, build and renovate campus facilities, acquire and manage off-campus properties, develop and implement investment strategies including the stewardship of endowment investments, and envision capital projects that would make our institution an exemplar of Jesuit education. Even in the midst of financial downturns, his faith in what’s possible never wavered. Endowment grew from $14 million to nearly $445 million.

Enrollment increased from 3,400 graduate and undergraduate students to 7,600 today. Campus grew from 39 buildings across 60 acres to 100 buildings across 150 acres.

Barnes credits Hession with playing a pivotal role in the school’s accreditation with AACSB. She is the only person who has served the school as first-year student adviser. She co-teaches a class called Introduction to Business, a foundational course that provides first-year business students with a roadmap for their academic endeavors. Her passion for teaching and mentorship shines through as she helps students navigate the complexities of business education.

She tells students: “Gonzaga is going to make all the difference in who you are going to be. It has completely transformed my life since I walked on campus as a first-semester freshman.”
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