G Suite, A New Business Podcast

Andrew Brajcich on the G-Suite podcast.
Andrew Brajcich

February 14, 2024
Jack Talbot (’24)
You may have heard of the C-suite, but the Gonzaga School of Business Administration is where you can find the G-Suite. With 12 episodes out so far, season one of the podcast is well underway and available on all the major podcast streaming platforms.

Andrew Brajcich, Jud Regis Chair of Accounting, hosts this season’s G-Suite. He has flowing conversations with guests across the business world in fields of accounting, entrepreneurship, tax and more. Of course, as a discussion of “all things Zag business,” every guest has a connection to Gonzaga. A few folks included so far: Kevin McQuilkin, David Togami, Julie Frye, Monica Marmolejo and Dan Stewart. 

Conversations aim to be both informative and entertaining. In between fun tangents and stories, G-Suite always finds a way to include valuable insights and wisdom for students and alumni.

G-Suite joins the growing Gonzaga University Podcast Network as the eighth podcast and the third department-specific podcast (Living Leadership, School of Leadership; All Rise, Law school).

Listen for free at gonzaga.edu/podcasts or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Amazon Music.
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