In The News: Climate Institute Hits New York Times On Wildfire Smoke

A sun image with Institute for Climate, Water and the Environment written underneath

February 12, 2024
Gonzaga University News Service
Gonzaga University’s Institute for Climate, Water and the Environment landed in The New York Times Monday in a story called “Wildfire Smoke Will Worsen, Study Shows, and Protections Are Few.”

The story looks at how wildfire smoke is different from other “climate perils” like floods and hurricanes, due to challenges in wildfires' unpredictability and getting people to either leave their homes in an emergency or to adapt their homes to deal with the repercussions of unhealthy smoke.

“With wildfire smoke in particular, we are not going to adapt our way out of the problem,” Climate Institute Director Brian G. Henning told reporter Christopher Flavelle. “It’s really hard to address.”

The Climate Institute landed on the Times’ radar thanks to a $1.1 million EPA grant to help the Spokane region address wildfire smoke – especially community centers for underserved communities.
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