Zag Baby Blessings

baby holding fingers of parents
February 14, 2023
Gonzaga Magazine, Spring 2023

Shown above: Wesley, born to ’18 Natalie (Hotchkiss) and ’18 Carson Hollyoak. 

Congrats to these alumni welcoming new family members!

three separate alumni with babies

'12 Alex Bobovsky — a daughter, Ava (above left) with aunt, '16 Taylor Bobovsky, 
’12 Molly Johnston and ’12 Sean Newton — a daughter, Charlotte (Cece) (above center). The family is living on the Big Island of Hawaii.
’16 Alicia (Hansen) and ’16 Christian Jacobs — a daughter, Lottie (above right)


two alumni with babies

’10 Meg (Morris) Knoll — a daughter, Blakely (above left)
’10 ’19 Alyssa Harvey and ’10 Greg Hudson — a son, Asa Robert joins big sister Eliza (above right). They live in University Place, Washington.

two separate pictures of babies
’16 Elisa (Wilson) Heide and Brandon Heide — a son, Samuel (above left)
’16 McKenzie (Hollyoak) and ’16 Brian Merry — a daughter, Nora (above right). They live in Tacoma, Washington.


two couples, one with baby and one with twins

’17 Katie (Freeman) and ’17 Justin Gwinn — a daughter, Frannie (above left)
’17 Kimberly (Tornabene) and ’17 Kerrick Eagle with their twins, Clara and Caden (above right)


two separate photos of alumni with babies

’16 Natalie (Spisak) and ’16 Victor Bauer — a daughter, Lucy, with sister Riley (above left)
’18 Tyra (Graney) and ’17 ’18 Trey Hardy — a daughter, Charlotte (above right)

Not Pictured: 

’13 J.D. Aaron Dunham and Kelly Jo Dunham — a daughter, Penelope Colette. Kelly Jo formerly working in Gonzaga Admissions, 2013-2021.
’09 Crystal Belwood and Jeremiah Johnson — a daughter, Sophia

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