Double & Triple Blessings: Baby Zags

man in fireman uniform holding 3 babies in a flag
Thrice Blessed - Bagley Babies

January 21, 2021
Gonzaga Magazine, Spring 2021

Congrats to these Zag families on their newest additions! 

’09 Cody Bagely - a firefighter in Mount Vernon, Wash., and his wife Mindy are the proud parents of triplets Annabelle, Genevieve and Huxley. (Pictured above)

It’s double duty for ’06 Jaye (Bucholtz) and Mark Kuchyt as they share in the abundant love of twins Rylen and Elora.

preschool brother with toddler twin siblings

’16 Olivia and ’16 Bryan Beaty greeted Dennis to the family. (Shown below at left)

’13 Taylor and ’13 Ben Lance welcomed baby Harper into their family.(Shown below at right)

two separate images, one of couple with infant and one of different infant with teddy bear

Have a new family member to introduce to ZagNation?   

*Note: Gonzaga publishes alumni family news three times a year, coordinated with each publication of Gonzaga Magazine. The submissions above are from the Spring issue (coming to you in February); new submissions will be held for the summer edition.