Foley Library Launches Institutional Repository in Celebration of Open Access Week

Screenshot of the Gonzaga Institutional Repository website

October 18, 2023
Foley Library

Foley Library Celebrates Open Access Week with the launch of the Gonzaga Institutional Repository!

International Open Access Week 2023, October 23 – 29, is a global event promoting access to knowledge, highlighting Open activities, and promoting actions that will help make more scholarly and educational materials freely available to teachers, learners, researchers, and the public.

The Gonzaga Institutional Repository has been live and accessible since January, but our approach was a soft launch, building relationships with a few areas and faculty on campus to gather and publish content. In celebration of Open Access Week we are officially launching the Institutional Repository to the Gonzaga Campus!

Help us Celebrate:
The Gonzaga University Institutional Repository is a digital platform designed to support and showcase the works of Gonzaga-affiliated faculty, staff, students, and campus units. To help us celebrate Open Access Week, please consider doing the following:

Submitting your work to the repository can benefit you in the following ways: 
  1. Increased Visibility: By depositing your research in the repository, you can increase the visibility of your work by fellow scholars, students, and the wider community. 
  2. Promotion & Tenure Support: The repository is an excellent tool for documenting your academic achievements. It provides a digital record of your scholarly contributions, which can be invaluable when preparing for promotion and tenure reviews.
  3. Teaching Resources: In addition to research, the repository can host teaching materials, such as syllabi, lecture notes, and educational resources. By freely sharing these materials you can benefit your colleagues and the academic community at large.
  4. Long-Term Preservation: We are committed to preserving your work for future generations. Your research will be archived and accessible for access with no extra effort on your end.
  5. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Open Access encourages cross-disciplinary interactions, leading to fresh perspectives and exciting collaborations. Your research can bridge disciplinary boundaries, fostering new insights and innovations. 
Getting Started:
  • Contact us if you have questions, are interested in depositing your work, or require any guidance on maximizing the benefits of the repository for your academic goals.  You can reach out to us, to the repository directly at, or to Elizabeth Wawrzyniak, Digital Collections Librarian at any time. 
  • Contact Elizabeth Wawrzyniak to schedule a department or office meeting to hear a 15-minute introduction to what the IR can offer your area and have your questions answered in-person by our staff.
  • Or if you’re ready to deposit your works into the IR, send your most recent CV to the repository or Elizabeth Wawrzyniak directly and let the IR staff care of making your works available.  
    October 23rd through October 29th is Open Access Week

Explore the Gonzaga Institutional Repository