A Master's Degree for Growth in All Organizations

Organizational Leadership Graduate Tim Bavester
Alumnus, Tim Bavester

August 12, 2022
Jenna Turner ('16) | Graduate Enrollment Management

Kansas City Royals Scout, Tim Bavester spends a lot of time on the road so finding a graduate program that fit his schedule was key to going back to school. After researching leadership programs across the country, Gonzaga’s online Master’s in Organizational Leadership (ORGL) stood out as the best option.

“After digging into the course selection at Gonzaga and seeing what the program had to offer and speaking to the Gonzaga admission staff, I could tell that this program had some potential to be a well-rounded learning and growth opportunity.”

Bavester said the program’s flexibility worked for him, “There were times I was on planes and pulling off on the side of the highway to find a coffee shop to write on a discussion board, but overall, the structure and the flexibility of the program with the communication from the professors made it something that I was able to accomplish while not feeling overly stressed.”

Even with his packed work schedule, Bavester was still able to connect with his peers and gain knowledge he could apply to his own career.

“The opportunity that the program gave me to hear stories from others and how they navigate through change and leading in their organizations and being able to learn from that and converse with them through those situations, was something that I wasn't expecting and that was incredibly impactful to my learning,” said Bavester.

Bavester credits the ORGL program for helping him set the foundation to take in knowledge and advice from his mentors as well as grow in ways he did not anticipate.

“I hope to soon be able to impact others with my learnings like the way those above me have impacted my life and my career thus far.”

Bavester continued, “I've learned a lot about myself. I somewhat came into the program expecting to learn about others and their actions but came to find out that we can't do that without knowing ourselves and how we perceive leadership.”

Bavester wants to take what he has learned in ORGL and in his own career and pay it forward.

“I’ve been able to learn and grow from people with an incredible amount of experience in my career. Tying that together with gaining this experience and being able to help others reach their potential is something that I hope to do.”