Fun Sized Zags, Summer '22

Parents pose with their child at the beach
Nicole and Joel Goelz with their daughter Margot

June 28, 2022
Gonzaga Magazine

Congrats to all the alumni celebrating new family members in the Summer 2022 issue of Gonzaga Magazine.

A baby poses in Zag gear.

(Left) ’06 Paul Buxton and ’08 Maddison (Hutchin) Buxton celebrate the arrival of their son Teal Xavier.

(Center) ’06 Kristina (Grotts) Giscombe and Stephen Giscombe announce the arrival of their son Dominick.

(Right) ’10 Anthony De Simone and ’10 Julia (Scherzinger) De Simone bring their son Nicolo Christopher home.


A baby with its parents on the beach and a baby wrapped in a blanket

(Left) ’10 Joe Goelz and ’10 Nicole (Raisch) Goelz celebrate the birth of their daughter Margot.

(Right) ‘10 Siloé Perez and Charlotte Perez are blessed with the arrival of their third son, Amato.


A baby poses with a pumpkin

(Left) ’11 Titus Szymanowski and Melissa Syzmanowski announce the arrival of the daughter Nora Jane.

(Right) ’12 Nicholas Parque and ’13 Tara (Togstad) Parque add their son Theo to the Gonzaga community.


A baby in plaid poses with its parents.

(Left) ’15 Kristen Vierhaus and ’17 Travis Carter welcome their daughter Charlotte into their loving home.

(Right) ’18 Jenny (Albrecht) Kiesewetter and ’19 Jack Kiesewetter joyfully introduce their daughter Annie.


Two parents hold their baby

(Center) ’12, ’18 Lauren (Mills) Cataldo and12 Andrew Cataldo introduce their daughter Quinn Lindsay.


A baby with its parents at a Zags game

(Left) ‘14 Amanda Silva Roach and ’14 Shane Roach added a limb to their family tree with their daughter Sophia.

(Right) ’14 Danielle and ’14 Anthony Vecchiolla become a family of four with their daughter Ophelia.


A baby poses with a GU basketball

(Center) ‘11 Danielle Scarsella-Gonia and ’11 Rob Gonia welcome their son Bennett.

’09 Brittany (Wilmes) Arthur and Ryan Arthur proudly announce daughter Maeve Lillian.


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