Delft Trip to The Hague and Workshop on Circular Economy

May 23, 2022
Thomas Roth
GU In Delft Program riding through The Hague.
Today consisted of a bike ride to The Hague, visiting two different parks. Afterward, we returned to Delft for a classroom discussion on the concept of a circular economy and how it is related to sustainability. We started the day being greeted by Dr. Dorie, the newest faculty member joining our program. We did a long bike ride to the nearby major city, The Hague (or Den Haag in Dutch). We walked around the ‘t Loo Park and the Haagse Bos studying how they implemented climate adaptive measures to collect stormwater during heavy rainfall events.

Along with learning about the history and development of these climate adaptive measures, we also had free time to explore the beauty of these luscious parks hidden away in the middle of the city. Some group members ate lunch in The Hague, while others biked back to have lunch in Delft. The group reconvened in the classroom to discuss the concept of a circular economy. We defined what it means and how it relates to sustainability while coming up with feasible examples of how to apply it in Spokane.
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