Gonzaga in Delft, Bike Train to Rijswijk

Students discuss issues with traffic safety.
Class discussion on the ethics of traffic safety.

May 13, 2022
Jem Pedicord
A group of students on bikes waiting for others to catch up.
The Sustainable Cities class rode their bikes to Rijswijk, a town between Delft and The Hague. The class explored different street designs, some of which accommodate pedestrians, buses, trams, cars, and bikes. Students explored various neighborhoods, including new Net Zero developments, experiencing how high-quality bike facilities connected all locations.

After a lunch break, the class met up to discuss the “Vision Zero” traffic safety concept, questioning what it would take for the US to change its mindset about traffic safety consequences and the role transportation professionals have in encouraging changing attitudes.
Our “bike train” around the Netherlands was completed by our caboose, Dr. “K Slice”, occasionally left behind waiting for a safe crossing at the next light.
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