National Media Literacy Week


October 25, 2021
Zoe Zamora, M.A. Communication & Leadership Studies

This week is National Media Literacy Week! 

In honor of this week, the Northwest Alliance for Media Literacy, a partnership organization between Gonzaga University & the University of Washington, will be posting fun and helpful resources that will help us celebrate National Media Literacy Week - as well as Halloween! 

Founded by Gonzaga Professor Emeritus, Dr. John Caputo, NWAML has been an advocate for media literacy since 2003. 

What is Media Literacy?  

"Media literacy is the concept of educating people to evaluate, analyze, consume and critique media using critical thinking skills. It encompasses identifying who writes the narratives, who benefits from it, and who is not represented in it." -Defined by NWAML

Through recent years, we have seen why media literacy is so important for our tech-driven society today. 

With the world turning to new communication technologies and platforms, we must learn to adapt and act responsibly. This means advocating for media literacy education as well as continuing to stay informed on how media affects our lives.

The Northwest Alliance for Media Literacy has three main goals as part of its mission: 

  1. Monitor Media
  2. Education
  3. Support Local Media

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