Welcome to the World, Gonzaga Babies

A baby smiles while wrapped in a white blanket.
'14 Kelly and '13 Troy welcomed baby Wesley

September 28, 2020

The following are baby announcements submitted by proud Zag parents for the fall' 20 issue of the Gonzaga Magazine. Congrats to all.  

’14 Kelly (Vane) and ’13 Troy Darrock welcomed Wesley to the family. (Pictured above)


Above, left, baby smiling and being held by parents; Above, right, baby sitting with big stuffed bear. 

(Above, left) ’11 Adam Tyner and Heather (Peck) Tyner are proud parents of Owen.
(Above, right) ’08 Jeanette Ulrick and Michael Ulrick announced the arrival of Sophia.


Above, left, baby wrapped in grey blanket; Above, right, yawning baby wrapped in striped blanket wearing a striped hat.

(Above, left) ’18 Ben George and Catherine, brother Owen (5) and sister Lucy (3), welcomed Miles into their family.
(Above, right) ’14 Danielle Hyatt and ’14 Anthony Vecchiolla are sharing the love of their new son, Milo. 

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