Kevin Damron advises engineering master's program as Industry Liaison Engineer

Kevin Damron
Kevin Damron

November 25, 2020

To ensure the Transmission & Distribution Engineering program continues to meet the real-world needs of power engineers, Kevin Damron from Avista Utilities has joined the program as Industry Liaison Engineer.

Kevin has years of experience in power system protection at Avista and SEL. Kevin’s current role is as a Principal Transmission Operations Engineer at Avista. Kevin actively participates in the industry by being involved with the Western Protective Relaying Conference (WPRC), Hands-On Relay School, North American Transmission Forum (NATF), and WECC committees. 

Kevin has written several papers on protective relay applications and lessons learned. Kevin also has taught an undergraduate power system protection class at Gonzaga since 2013 and is an IEEE Senior Engineer.

He has been tasked with building a structure of support from the power industry to advise the program moving forward. SEAS is grateful to Avista for this generous support in funding Kevin's work and leadership in the program.