SEAS Undergraduate Research Showcase displays range of projects

Tribology research
Work in the SEAS Tribology Lab

October 05, 2020

Engineering and Computer Science undergraduate students held a virtual poster session during the Fall Family Weekend -- Saturday, Oct. 10 from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Undergraduate research is an important component of Gonzaga's engineering and computer science programs. Each discipline taught at Gonzaga's School of Engineering and Applied Science provided at least one project to this inaugural event, providing a platform for sharing research experiences with peers, faculty, and the greater GU community.

Poster Presentations

Nora Howard, Computer Science (Faculty advisor: Dr. Gina Sprint):
“Tracking Sleep and Daytime Activity for Stroke Recovery"

Marissa Encarnacion, Mechanical Engineering (Faculty advisor: Dr. Harman Khare)
“Micro Tribometer Mobile Mechanism"

Leon Garcia-Camargo, Computer Science (Faculty advisor: Dr. Paul De Palma)
“Child Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Zipf's Law"

Brenden Miller, Mechanical Engineering (Faculty advisor: Dr. Harman Khare)
“Linking Nanoscale Mechanics to Macroscale Wear of Polymer Nanocomposites"

Grace Rogers,Veronica Piechowski, and Milo Rolland, Civil Engineering (Faculty advisor: Dr. Kyle Shimabuku)
“Biochar Filtration for Stormwater”

Ethan Higa*, Electrical Engineering (Faculty advisor: Dr. Meirong Zhang)
“Using Robot C to Program a Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot with a PID Controller”

Seth Kelley*, Rachel Yamamoto*, and Molly Fackelman, Mechanical Engineering (Faculty advisor: Dr. Marc Baumgardner)
“Combustion and Clean Cooking”

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