May the Architect of our Lives Bless This Ground

a shovel in the dirt

September 27, 2019

Delivered by Father Stephen Hess, S.J.
Groundbreaking for the Integrated Science & Engineering facilitySeptember 27, 2019


May the architect of our lives:

Bless those who brought us to this moment. Our faculty whose tenacious passion stirred our imaginations to envision a center that would inspire innovation in teaching, learning, and undergraduate research. Our university leaders who answered a call for greater transformation with a concept that is bigger than a building. And our colleagues and architects who carefully honed plans and laid a firm foundation for transparent spaces that will proudly display science and engineering. 

Bless our donors whose generosity will usher us into an era of deeper collaboration between disciplines.  Because of their generosity we will soon have integrated environments to approach world problems.  May they feel our gratitude for helping us accelerate the distinctiveness of our mission. 

Bless those who will construct this center of integration. May they have safe working conditions and may no harm befall them. May the jobs created by this project sustain families who call this city their home.     

Bless this ground that gives of itself to support this structure – the earth teeming with life – and the soil that calls forth our mortality. May this building live lightly on this earth, using resources sparingly and respectfully. 

Bless us all with a spirit of gratitude for entrusting us with a sacred mission of educating students with hearts and minds for the common good – a mission of creating a space where dreamers become doers.