“I Do” - Weddings in Fall '19 Magazine

A man in a grey suit and purple tie stands under an outdoor wedding arch  next to his bride, who's wearing a wedding dress and holding a  bouquet.
'12 Kristin Ehlebracht and '12 Cory Geerdts

August 02, 2019

Congrats to all the Zags who celebrated weddings in recent months!  

Shown above: 
’12 Kristin Ehlebracht and ’12 Cory Geerdts celebrated their union in June 2018 with over 30 Zags in attendance, including the best man who also officiated the wedding. (Shown below)

A group of wedding guests standing outside, holding two Gonzaga University flags.


’12 Kaitlin Sandin and Justin Cormier were married in Leesburg, Virginia, in the company of several other Zags. (Shown below, left) 

’09 Knute Olsen and Taya Postma exchanged vows in Lynden, Washington, last March. (Shown below, right)

Two side-by-side photos of alumni couples - grooms in suits and brides in wedding dresses


’15 Sasha Olson and ’15 Nicholas Rhodes tied the knot in Portland last summer. The couple met at Jack and Dan’s during their junior year. More than 40 Zags attended their celebration. (below)

A group of wedding guests indoors, smiling and holding a 'Zag Up' flag.


’15 Kristen Vierhaus and ’17 Travis Carter married in the presence of many Zags at The University Club of San Francisco. (below)

A bride and groom standing in a library, surrounded by books and in the company of bridesmaids - in red dresses - and groomsmen - in black suits.


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