Immediate Impact

Library Study

September 12, 2018
Late in the Foley Library, students sit at tables and carrels putting in hours of work. No matter the field in which they study, every one of them has wheels turning in their heads, striving for that special moment when all becomes clear. But in order for them to have the proverbial “light bulb above the head” moment, they have to have actual lights on above them.

A group of students arrive together at a neighborhood elementary school, excited to spend their afternoon with the children there. They will have a snack, help with homework, and be an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on for these kids who want to someday stand in Gonzaga students’ shoes.

Friday night, students congregate in the Hemmingson Center to listen to a singer/songwriter bare their soul in song. They bond sharing struggles and successes with each other, and unwind from the week in a warm, safe and inviting environment.

Standing over a stereo microscope in a science lab, students consider how all lives intersect. Combing through computer data, mathematically modeling, considering cosmic rays and much more, they are learning by doing and doing with resources that donations help provide.

Our Zags are receiving so much more than just an education here. As our mission statement says, we are “an exemplary learning community that educates students for lives of leadership and service for the common good.” These moments, no matter how large or small, all play a role in cultivating the perspectives, experiences and connections that will affect students and alumni throughout their lives.

Every moment at GU is touched by the generosity of families, alumni, friends, faculty and staff. The Gonzaga Parent Fund (also known as The Fund for Gonzaga) is an unrestricted fund that lets the University cover costs whenever and wherever they are needed most (even down to the lightbulbs). The greatest part is that gifts to the Gonzaga Parent Fund have an immediate impact on students’ experiences and their interaction with our mission.

In the lab, growing together, serving others, and approaching their studies with all they need to be their best, Gonzaga students are grateful to all who give to make their experience possible.

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