Camesha Little Promoted to Assistant Dean of Students

Camesha Little Gonzaga Law portrait

September 12, 2018

This summer, Camesha Little was promoted to Assistant Dean of Students at Gonzaga University School of Law after serving as the school’s Director of Student Success for almost a year. Dedicated to providing student support services, Little acts as a liaison between students and the law school administration.

Before joining Gonzaga Law, Little served as the Assistant Director of Academic Support & Bar Services at Texas A&M School of Law, which was also where Little received her own J.D. In addition to her professional endeavors, Little is an active member of the Association of Academic Support Educators, the National Law Student Affairs Professionals, and is currently serving as a Board Member for Disability Rights Washington.

In her new role, Little connects students in crisis with resources both on campus and in the greater Spokane community. Little also facilitates disability accommodations for students and is a member of the university’s Student of Concern Action Team. Every student has an individualized plan to meet their needs and Little works to ensure that each student is heard and accommodated to the best of Gonzaga Law’s ability.

“Law school can be hard, and the experience is more difficult if a student feels alone. I strive to walk alongside students and to be a broker for various services that can enhance the student experience,” said Little. “Our students truly deserve to be aware of the wonderful resources that Gonzaga Law provides.” 

At Gonzaga Law, our students learn how to be an effective advocate through studying the law. As Assistant Dean of Students, it is Little’s job to advocate for our students throughout their law studies.

“Camesha has become an indispensable, ‘go-to’ resource for our students,” said Dean Jacob H. Rooksby. “She helps them navigate a vast array of academic and personal issues, and she does it with unfailing optimism and professionalism. This new role recognizes her vital stature in the life cycle of students’ time with us at Gonzaga Law. We are fortunate to have her as a colleague, as she is so central to our commitment to placing students first in all that we do.”