Good Reads About Father Greg Boyle

Books by, and about, Father Greg Boyle, S.J.

August 31, 2018

Much has been said, and written about Father Greg Boyle, S.J., Founder of Homeboy Industries and a Gonzaga Alumnus. Here is a sample of books published, by and about him:

G-Dog and the Homeboys, Celeste Fremon (University of New Mexico Press, 2009)

Father Gregory J. Boyle, SJ, is a native of Los Angeles, a Jesuit priest, and founder of Homeboy Industries, an economic development and jobs program begun in 1988 for at-risk and gang-involved youth. "A great many kids in my neighborhood don't plan their futures; they plan their funerals."  G-Dog and the Homeboys presents the story of Boyle's unconventional ministry and its extraordinary successes. In this expanded, updated edition, Celeste Fremon has returned to East L.A. to report on gang members she first profiled fifteen years ago. Using their individual stories as models, she examines what policy makers should know about gang intervention now, years later. ... (Publisher synopsis)

Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion, Gregory Boyle (Simon & Schuster, 2010)

For twenty years, Father Gregory Boyle has run Homeboy Industries, a gang-intervention program located in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles—also known as the gang capital of the world. In Tattoos on the Heart, he has distilled his experience working in the ghetto into a breathtaking series of parables inspired by faith. ... (Publisher synopsis)

Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship, Gregory Boyle (Simon & Schuster, 2017)

Gregory Boyle introduced us to Homeboy Industries, the largest gang-intervention program in the world Critics hailed that book as an “astounding literary and spiritual feat” (Publishers Weekly) that is “destined to become a classic of both urban reportage and contemporary spirituality” Los Angeles Times. Now, after the successful expansion of Homeboy Industries, Boyle returns with Barking to the Choir to reveal how compassion is transforming the lives of gang members. ...  (Publisher synopsis)