The Next Step; A Year of Service

Fr Pat blesses student

May 23, 2018

The Next Step: A year of service

After the inspiring messages of Mass and Commencement, after packing up their campus residences, after hugs and final goodbyes, 33 graduates of the class of 2018 set aside career goals and to take up assignments as volunteers in three foreign countries and 20 U.S. cities. Nine of them will move to inner-city schools and mentor youth considered to be on the fringes, through Teach for America. Ten are partnering with Jesuit Volunteer Corps; many have chosen Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Mercy Volunteer Corps and other similar organizations. One is headed to Spain for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship. 

father pat lee congratulates student in chapel

Best wishes to the following servant leaders:

  • Erin Anderson
  • Callen Aten
  • Rebecca Bianchi
  • Molly Bosch
  • Ciara Costanzo
  • Jordan Cotton
  • Danielle Del Bene
  • Gerald Deocariza
  • Rebecca Dunne
  • Grady Foster
  • Rahale Getnet
  • Aizley Hansen
  • Christin Henderson
  • Joshua Jacobs
  • Austin Johnson
  • Emily Johnson
  • Carlo Juntilla
  • Megan Kramer
  • Meghan Leary
  • Mazi Lucas
  • Isabella Manoguerra
  • Adriana Marrero
  • Jena Milliken
  • Julia Misslin
  • Elizabeth Sitio
  • Jacob Smith
  • Erin Strader
  • Amanda Sursely
  • Veronica Tischer
  • Penelope Toland
  • Ashley Trunnell
  • Lauren Uhl
  • Elly Zykan

All were called by 2016 grad Olivia Schneider, who served with Jesuit Volunteer Corps, to “specialize in the impossible.” 

Read her message here: "Stronger Than You Know."


Liv Schneider speaks at lectern in chapel