College of Arts & Sciences Well Represented at Academic Honors Convocation

2018 Academic Honors Convocation Faculty Awards

May 02, 2018

The 2017-18 Academic Honors Convocation celebrating student and faculty accomplishments across the University reaffirmed the College of Arts & Sciences’ dedication to excellence.

Interim Academic Vice President Elisabeth Mermann Jozwiak welcomed about 215 faculty, staff, students, and support systems last Wednesday to announce this year’s academic awards. For the first time, the ceremony was web-streamed, allowing guests at 78 additional locations to enjoy the occasion.

Joy Milos, CSJ, who was awarded emeritus status in the Religious Studies department after 31 years at Gonzaga, graciously delivered the invocation, and joining Dr. Mermann Jozwiak on stage for the presentation of College of Arts & Sciences underclassman academic awards and exemplary university-wide awards was Interim Dean Patricia Terry.

The Mathematics department’s Bonni Dichone, recipient of a 2017 Exemplary Faculty Award for Professional Contributions, delivered the keynote address. She centered her address around the theme of preparedness, and she emphasized that while Gonzaga provides an excellent foundation for surviving in the “real world,” being prepared is an ongoing action.

Eleven distinguished and long-serving faculty members achieved emeritus status, five of whom have long taught in the College of Arts & Sciences, and CAS faculty members earned seven of eleven Exemplary Faculty awards. Faculty awards are granted through an open nomination process and thoughtful review by the peers serving on the Faculty Award Committee.

Following are the awards College of Arts & Sciences students and faculty members earned in 2018. The senior class CAS student awards will be announced at the Awards Assembly the Saturday before commencement.

Student Awards:
Fr. Nadal Returning Student Award: Marvin Cunningham, Criminal Justice
Anthony T. Wadden and Michael B. Herzog Scholarship: Madison Schreiter and Hailey Maher, English
Jerry Kohls Excellence in Philosophy: Jessica Herron, Philosophy
Jefferson Scholarship for Political Science: Connor Ffrench and Weston Hart, Political Science
Excellence in Service Learning: Austin Johnson, Psychology
Eva Lassman Memorial Student Research Award: Taylor Carnevale, International Studies

Faculty Awards:
Excellence in Service Learning: Monica Bartlett, Psychology
Academic Citizenship: Rob Donnelly, History
Open Award for Tenured Professor: Brian Cooney, English and Center for Public Humanities
Open Award for Non-Tenure Track Professor: Katey Roden, English and Center for Digital Humanities
Professional Contribution for Tenured Professor: Matt Rindge, Religious Studies
Professional Contribution for Tenure-Track Professor: Melody Alsaker, Mathematics
Teaching Excellence for Tenured Professor: Dan Bradley, Philosophy
Teaching Excellence for Tenure-Track Professor: Sara Diaz, Women and Gender Studies

Stephen Balzarini, History
Joy Milos, CSJ, Religious Studies
Theodore Nitz, History
Gail Nord, Mathematics
Rose Mary Volbrecht, Philosophy