Gonzaga Law Announces Campus-Wide Subscription to Quimbee

Quimbee logo

March 21, 2018

What is Quimbee? Quimbee is an online provider of robust study aids for all three years of law school—as well as a guide resource for professional development. Gonzaga Law’s own David Woodstock (J.D. ’18) is featured on the Quimbee website with a testimonial about the service. He describes it as a “Great Selection of briefs and casebook; straightforward and informative tutorials; and fantastic outlines, especially the Quicklines.” 

But Quimbee is not a free service—and this is where Zag Law alumni generosity shows its true colors. An anonymous, and very generous, alumni family has underwritten a campus-wide subscription to this service.

So how do you get an account? Just click here. If you already have a Quimbee account and want to switch it to the Gonzaga service, contact support@quimbee.com.