Patrick O'Rourke, Sport & Physical Education

Patrick O'Rourke

September 07, 2017
I have the distinct privilege to present to Patrick O’Rourke the 2017 Wardian Student Leadership Award. This award represents evidence of excellent scholastic achievements and a commitment to education through leadership, service, and integrity of character. I cannot think of a better person in our Sport Management program that is more deserving of this award than Patrick.

I am lucky to have had Patrick in multiple classes and I have also served as his academic advisor. Patrick is the ideal student: he is a pleasure to have in class, always has a smile on his face, and is excited to learn and ask questions to expand his knowledge. He works great collaboratively with his fellow classmates and works hard to get the most out of his education. He also takes advantage of opportunities to further his career in sports. For example, this past spring break he went with Dr. Jimmy Smith and other students to Phoenix, AZ, to meet with professionals in baseball and hockey Pro team.

Dr. Smith had this to say:

“It is wonderful to see a student like Patrick care so much about his academic career through constant engagement with his peers and professors, and invest in his future career by traveling on the Sport Management experiential opportunity to Phoenix. Any organization will be lucky to hire Patrick.”

Dr. Karen Rickel adds that “Patrick is a leader in the classroom and in the community and will have a positive impact wherever he goes after graduation.”

In his time at Gonzaga, Patrick completed two internships: one with Hoopfest (as the Public Relations and Marketing intern) and one with the football program at Eastern Washington University. He is currently applying for various graduate programs and sports positions within major league sports.

There is no doubt in my mind that Patrick will graduate and go on to accomplish great things. It has been a pleasure to have spent the last four years with Patrick and I can’t wait to hear what his future entails! Congratulations Patrick on the 2017 Wardian Leadership award.

-Dr. Heidi Nordstrom