Sport Management Panel Connects Students

September 06, 2017

The Sport and Physical Education department partnered with the Career and Professional Development office to host a Sport Management Panel Discussion. The goal was to have students hear firsthand from those working in a variety of sport career fields. Dr. Heidi Nordstrom organized the event on behalf of her Sport Management majors.

Panelists included: Jay Stewart, VP of Sponsorships for the Spokane Chiefs; Bailee Neyland, Director of Brand Strategy & Business Development for Spokane Hoopfest; Josh Roys, VP of Development for the Spokane Indians; Eric Sawyer, President/CEO of the Spokane Sports Commission; Ashley Blake, Director of Sports for the Spokane Sports Commission; and Shane Santman, VP of Sales for the Tacoma Rangers.

Many questions were asked of the panelists. Topics included: education paths to reach current positions; biggest lessons learned in their particular field; advice on transitioning from college to careers; and what panelists look for in hiring.

Students and attendees enjoyed the chance to hear from sport professionals. Below are a few key points that students said they found important after the panel discussion:

  • “Networking and creating great relationships with those in your field is vitally important.”
  • “Research the organization to which you are applying. Understanding the mission and culture are the key to success in an application and interview.”
  • “Once you land your first job, don’t relax. You have to work very hard to show they made the right hire.”
  • “Take internships seriously, your supervisor could one day be the connection you need for a job.”
  • “If you make a mistake, own up to it, and figure out how to make it right. We are all going to mistakes at some point.”
  • “Be authentic and be able to articulate yourself well during an interview.”

Dr. Nordstrom explained that, “It is important for our students to hear from sport professionals, it reiterates what we are teaching them in the classroom. The panel discussion was a great way for our department and our students to network with the many great sport organizations in Spokane, as well as the west side of the state.”