Professor Morrissey presents at the Annual Northwest Securities Institute

September 19, 2017

Professor Dan Morrissey presented at the 37th Annual Northwest Securities Institute in Portland.  His comments were part of a panel entitled “Hot Topics in Federal Transactional Law.”

He focused on recent exemptions to the requirement that securities must be registered with the SEC before they may be offered and sold.  One of those involves offerings that are limited in the amount raised.  The other, the intrastate exemption, covers securities offered and sold to residents of a single state.

Morrissey wrote a law review article about that several years ago proposing changes similar to the ones the SEC has now adopted.  Daniel J. Morrissey, Think Globally, Act Locally:  It’s Time to Reform the Intrastate Exemption, 20 Sec. Reg. L. J. 59 (1992).