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Gonzaga Chat is a home for wide-ranging conversations. Gonzaga Marketing and Communications storytellers will talk with members of the Gonzaga community about their passions and interests, ranging from faculty research and campus trends to alumni stories and unique student projects. Listen now to find out what Gonzaga Chats is all about!

Hosted by Dan Nailen. A conversation with Todd Finkle, Gonzaga's Pigott Professor of Entrepreneurship, about his new book titled Warren Buffett: Investor and Entrepreneur.
For the past ten years, Maureen McGuire has served as Gonzaga’s General Counsel, representing the University in a period of unprecedented growth and academic achievement. As McGuire leaves office in Spring 2023, she reflects on her upbringing, legal career and the life milestones that have informed her beliefs, values and memories. We invite you to join Gonzaga Chief of Staff Charlita Shelton for an inspirational conversation with the distinguished Maureen McGuire.

Engineering Is Fun, You Should Try It. By Patrick Lettenmaier

In his own words, Patrick Lettenmaier ('49) details his life's journey from its beginning in 1923 to his 33-year career at Boeing. A journey as a resident of Spokane, a WWII veteran, a Gonzaga student, an engineer and employee of one of the university's top employers. 

From introduction through Chapter 4


Chapter 5 through Chapter 9


Chapter 10 through Chapter 14

Chapter 15 through Chapter 18
Chapter 19 through Epilogue