Expo '74 50th celebration
April 12, 2024

Expo 74 - 50 Years of Environmental Justice

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Friday, Apr 12 - All Day

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Institute for Climate, Water, and the Environment 

Gonzaga Law School Center for Law, Ethics, and Commerce

United States Attorney's Office for Eastern Washington

Washington State Attorney General's Office


Free and open to the public


Moot Courtroom, Gonzaga Law School



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  • Academics
  • Global Impact
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Expo 74 50 years of Environmental Justice

About This Event

Fifty years ago, the Spokane community hosted the first environmentally-themed world’s fair. The Gonzaga Climate Institute, in collaboration with the US Attorney for Eastern Washington, the Washington State Attorney General, and the Gonzaga Law School Center for Law, Ethics, and Commerce, will host a one day event at Gonzaga looking retrospectively at the environmental justice work done over this half century and what work remains to be done in the coming decades.