October 10, 2019

POST Comedy Theatre

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Thursday, Oct 10, 2019 7:30 PM - 9:30 AM


Myrtle Woldson Performing Arts Center


Adult: $25| Student/Youth: $15. Discounts available for Seniors, Military, Groups, Flex Packages & GU Faculty/Staff.


Myrtle Woldson Performing Arts Center, Coughlin Theater


Myrtle Woldson Performing Arts Center Box Office:  509.313.2787  (313.ARTS)

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  • Arts Culture

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About This Event

It’s a one-man variety show—an act unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. In Post Comedy Theatre, Robert Post serves up a sumptuous entertainment feast. He does everything, and anything. Once he takes the stage, you can’t take your eyes off him. You find yourself roaring with laughter and shaking your head in amazement.

Elegantly elastic and multi-talented, Post has created a show of sheer delight. By turns hilarious, poignant, and physically dazzling, his meticulously crafted sketches fill the stage with bumblers, dreamers, and cartoonish heroes of every stripe. With astonishing comic grace, he draws you into small dramas that capture universal human dilemmas.

How to describe a Post Comedy Theatre performance? It’s unrelenting fun. In one sketch, Post becomes an accident-prone burglar whose nonstop bungles, complete with sound effects, take on an almost balletic slapstick grace, à la Red Skelton, Sid Caesar, and Jonathan Winters (three of Post’s inspirations). In another, he’s a physics-defying stunt pilot careening through a wild air show (he plays the airplane, too). He sends plates and bowls magically spinning as master chef Pasquale, whose booming voice and acrobatic feats send up a mesmerizing spoof of the TV cooking show. Using only a hat and a wig as props, he plays all five parts in a manor-house murder mystery, vanishing behind a wall to reappear instantaneously as a different character with distinctive facial and linguistic tics: the lightning-fast pace and flawless timing leave audiences literally gasping with laughter.

Between sketches, Post serves as his own witty master of ceremonies, bantering with the audience, tossing the conversational ball back and forth, sharing observations about local landmarks in the town that has welcomed him. Periodically when he ducks offstage, a video clip comes on, showing scenes from Post’s travels around the world, his visits to off-beat attractions and his quirky interviews with the ordinary and extraordinary people he meets. At a Post Comedy Theatre performance, you’re not just watching an artist displaying his multi-faceted virtuosity; you’re all but joining him on stage and on the road, taking part in his zany and congenial world.

Over the course of his forty-year career, Post has perfected more than thirty works, which he has performed for audiences across the United States and in countries including Mexico, Turkey, Japan, and Russia. The show’s a smash, because the humor is universal. “Post merits a place on anybody’s all-star team of the goofily gifted,” the New York Times has written. National Public Radio called him “riveting…eclectic…uproariously funny.” Matt Lauer of the Today show said: “I like him because he’s insane, completely insane.”

See for yourself what everyone is talking about. Take your seat and settle back. Just don’t expect to keep a straight face.