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Renaissance Leadership & Rhetoric Italy Courses
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Renaissance Leadership & Rhetoric Italy Courses

SYLLABUS FOR: ORGL510 - Renaissance Leadership for the 21st Century taught by Dr. Michael Carey 

- Renaissance Rhetoric taught by Dr. John Caputo

The Renaissance was inspired by the ideals of classical antiquity—awareness of human power and potentiality, and a passion for discovery—but it also transformed them to meet the challenges of the time. Now we can draw inspiration from Renaissance ideals, transforming them to meet our own challenges.

--Michael J. Gelb, from How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

Both courses are 3 graduate credits and are offered in tandem while in Florence.  Most students find it convenient to take both courses and thus earning 6 graduate credits.  The majority of the course work is approached as online courses, with the Florence time the "experiential" portion of the longer, more indepth course.

A typical class day would be:
9am - 10:15am  - class session
10:15am - 10:45am - caffe' discussion
10:45am - 12:30pm - class session
12:30pm - 2:30pm - free time
2:30pm - 6pm - afternoon excursions


Program type: Short-term, faculty-led program administered by Gonzaga University

Dates: Friday May 27 - Friday, June 10, 2011 (arrive in Rome on Fri May 27; depart from Florence on Fri June 10)

 Graduate  or Doctoral Students 

Housing: 3 star hotel in Florence & Rome

Cost: $4685
(includes tuition)  OR $7100 if both Renaissance courses are taken

Costs include: Housing, course related museums entry fees, day trip with lunch to Siena,  some meals
(air transportation and the majority of your meals and  ARE NOT INCLUDED)

Financial aid: Gonzaga and federal financial aid can be applied towards this program

Program ApplicationApplications will be considered on a rolling admissions basis.