In The News: GU law professor talks Elon Musk with the New York Times

A headshot of law professor Angela Aneiros
Angela Aneiros, assistant professor of law at GU

January 22, 2024
Gonzaga University News Service

Elon Musk is no stranger to the classroom of Angela Aneiros, an assistant professor at the Gonzaga School of Law and co-director of GU’s Center of Law, Ethics and Commerce. After all, she penned a paper titled “Limiting the Power of Superstar C.E.O.s” just last year for the Berkeley Business Law Journal.

More recently, New York Times opinion writer Peter Coy reached out to Aneiros for a piece he was writing about how Musk runs one of his companies, Tesla, in an article titled “Can Elon Musk Do That?”

“For better or worse, he’s like the gift that keeps on giving to corporate law professors,” Aneiros says in the article. “Because there’s just so much. It actually helps me teach the material. The students relate to Musk and I can say to them, ‘Here’s the perfect example of what not to do.’”

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