Around the World with Foley ILL

Google map of US with many red and blue markers for ILL lending locations.
Map showing the locations served by ILL

August 28, 2023
Foley Library

Thanks to the hard work of Daniel Dolan-Derks of our Interlibrary Loan Team, we have a new way to see Foley Library’s impact on the library world! A new tracking map called “Around the World with Foley ILL” is now live under the ILL page on the library website. This allows our Gonzaga community to see everywhere that the library interacts with via our ILL department.

Beginning this past May, the project was initially inspired by a curiosity of where we were sending our materials and how we could track it. Our ILL team wanted to take the idea of a wall map that used thread and thumbtacks and make it digital, making it easier to share with our patrons. Taking inspiration from a similar project from nearby Whitworth University, the map uses Google Maps to display the hundreds of libraries that we interact with.

Using color-coded markers, the map shows all the libraries that we send materials like books and articles to and where we get them from via ILL. It is also kept up to date by our ILL team so you can always check back in and see where in the world our materials are being shared!

Checkout the live map!