MBA Graduate Faculty Excellence Award 2023

Danielle Xu, Ph.D. and Greg Husted - MBA Graduate Faculty Excellence Award 2023 Winners
Flexibility, adaptability and unique opportunities

June 28, 2023
Bonnie Harper | Office of the Provost

Each year, two outstanding graduate MBA faculty members are recognized for epitomizing the highest levels of excellence in the pursuit of the Graduate School of Business Administration's mission and goals. Selected by the graduating students and their colleagues, this honor is bestowed on faculty who distinguish themselves in the instruction and engagement with the students.

This year colleagues and students have selected Danielle Xu, Ph.D. and Greg Husted, MBA, SPHR as the winners of the MBA Graduate Faculty Excellence Award 2023.

Danielle Xu with a group of faculty in Italy
Danielle Xu, pictured here with her colleagues in Italy, is passionate about creating engaging study abroad opportunities.

Dr. Danielle Xu, Professor and Mozilo Chair of Business Administration, has had several notable accomplishments during her career. One of her proudest achievements is co-establishing the first faculty-led study abroad program in China alongside Dr. Tim Olsen. This program provided students with a valuable opportunity to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and learn about businesses in the country. Additionally, Dr. Xu has co-taught a course called "Doing Business in Europe" for the Gonzaga MBA program, further enriching students' educational experiences.

Dr. Xu was born and raised in China, calling Jilin her hometown. Before embarking on her graduate studies at the University of Arizona, she worked at China Construction Bank, one of "the big four" banking institutions in the country. In her free time, Dr. Xu enjoys various activities such as hiking, skiing, traveling, watching movies, and listening to audiobooks.

The MBA Faculty Awards Committee shared that Dr. Xu is highly regarded for her engagement with students and colleagues, demonstrating respect and care in her interactions. She is adaptable and responsive to the unique needs of her students, guiding them through fundamental and advanced financial topics. Furthermore, Dr. Xu actively engages outside the classroom, participating in various graduate and community programs that address local needs. Her scholarship in the field of finance continues to advance the discipline, and her willingness to take on leadership roles is greatly valued by the university.



Greg Husted
Greg Husted is an entrepreneur and member of the HR Advisory and MBA Advisory Boards

Greg Husted, MBA, SPHR, has had a successful career in the Graduate School of Business Administration for the past 16 years. Originally from Ephrata, Washington, Greg's professional journey began in the financial services industry before adding teaching in higher education to his cv.

Greg is the founder and owner of a leadership consulting company, which he has been running for the past 5 years. Through this venture, he aims to create exceptional growth opportunities for leaders in organizations and the community. In his free time, Greg enjoys various activities such as basketball, running, biking, traveling, and photography.

According to the comments from the MBA Faculty Awards Committee, Greg is an outstanding educator. He is known for his flexibility in providing student learning opportunities, adaptability to change, and commitment to delivering rigorous and relevant activities. Colleagues consider him an inspiring role model for both students and faculty members. In his teaching role, Greg focuses on courses related to employee motivation and performance in the MBA program.




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