Sasha Ducey Alumni Profile

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December 14, 2023
Julie Krallman | Associate Director Graduate Marketing
After four years of teaching middle school math, Sasha Ducey wanted something different. Ready for a challenge but also wanting to serve others in the future, she decided to pursue her Master of Science in Taxation (MS.Tax).  Her idea, to enhance her analytical skills while changing careers with the ultimate goal of serving in the non-profit world.  It worked. 

Learn more about Sasha’s experience earning her MS.Tax  in her own words… 

Q: Why did you decide to pursue an MSTax degree? 

A: I didn’t know right away whether I wanted to study audit or tax, but I ended up choosing tax because I liked the way it incorporated financial accounting topics with law and public policy. Because my undergraduate degree was in Political Science, it was fitting that I ended up applying a more analytical approach to skills I had formed as an undergraduate student. 

Q: Why did you choose Gonzaga? 

A: I was familiar with Gonzaga’s campus community and small class sizes after considering attending for my undergraduate degree. I knew if I was going to completely switch degrees and professions, I would benefit from a smaller classroom environment, strong curriculum, and dedicated faculty. I was also looking to move back to the west coast and be closer to my family. Additionally, I liked the idea of attending a Jesuit university, allowing me to incorporate my faith as I studied and learned how to become a responsible business leader. 

Q: Who were your favorite professors at Gonzaga? 

A: It’s honestly hard to choose just one because I know each professor was extremely supportive of my learning experience. I particularly liked the fact that our professors came from different backgrounds and had endless advice and experience to share with students. Their approach in the classroom was to help us build our accounting knowledge and prepare us to apply our skills on the first day of the job.  

Q: How do you feel about your job now and the role a Gonzaga MSTax degree played in you getting it? 

A: Gonzaga’s network of professionals played a huge role in helping me land a position with Deloitte. At the beginning of my networking journey, I sat down with many of my professors and used them as resources to discuss my career options. They were able to give me insight into different opportunities and connect me directly with key individuals at the firms. Gonzaga’s relationship with various public accounting firms and businesses benefits students and supports future career success. 

Sasha Ducey is currently a Tax Manager at Deloitte in Seattle, WA.