Celebration of Love

16 Matthew Winterle married Julia Murphy holding the Gonzaga flag with their wedding party.
’16 Matthew Winterle married Julia Murphy at St. Andrew the Apostle Church and celebrated with a reception at Springfield Country Club near Philadelphia.
November 27, 2023
Gonzaga Magazine | Winter 2024

Best Wishes to all!


’13 Tiffany Arnold and Ryan Fisher and ’15 Alexandra Tallas and Andrew Cole's wedding portraits.

(left) ’13 Tiffany Arnold and Ryan Fisher married in Elizabeth, Colorado. Tiffany is a system architect at Fast Enterprises and Ryan is a project manager for Shaw Construction.

(right) ’15 Alexandra Tallas and Andrew Cole married at Spokane’s Kalispel Golf and Country Club. Alexandra is a former GU tennis player and now teaches first grade.


’17, ’20 Christian Astran married Christine Westhoff and 17 Grace Johnson and ’18 Jorge da Silva's wedding portraits.

(left) ’17, ’20 Christian Astran married Christine Westhoff in a sacramental wedding at Loyola High School of Los Angeles and a destination wedding 10 days later on an Alaskan cruise. Both ceremonies were officiated by Billy Biegler, S.J. Christian is campus minister at Loyola High and Christine is vice-principal at St. Bede The Venerable School.

(right) ’17 Grace Johnson and ’18 Jorge da Silva married in San Diego. Grace is a special events manager for Make-A- Wish San Diego and Jorge is a financial analyst for San Diego Gas & Electric.


’13, ’14 Jacqie Evenson and ’16 Lauren May's wedding portrait.

’13, ’14 Jacqie Evenson and ’16 Lauren May were wed by Lauren’s sister, ’13 Brianna May, in Lake Chelan, Wash. Jacqie is a senior tax manager at Deloitte and Lauren is a lead mechanical engineer at McKinstry Co.


'20 Alex Hagel and ’20 Alex Korth's wedding portrait.

’20 Alex Hagel and ’20 Alex Korth tied the knot in June in Liberty Lake, Wash. In true Zag fashion, the couple had a welcome party at Jack and Dan’s and their late-night wedding snack was catered by Sed’s Delicious Dogs. 


’91 Beth Herrell and JB Hall's wedding portrait.

’91 Beth Herrell married JB Hall surrounded by fellow Zags. She is the founder of Union Bay Communications and JB is the director of operations at Lease Crutcher Lewis. 


’17, ’20 J.D. Holli Higgins and ’20 J.D. Brad Lyman and 20, ’21 M.A. Erin Johnson and ’20 Cole de Silva's wedding portraits.

(left) ’17, ’20 J.D. Holli Higgins and ’20 J.D. Brad Lyman met during their first year at Gonzaga Law and married in August at Ballyvolane House in County Cork, Ireland. Both are attorneys and are happy to call Spokane home.

(right) 20, ’21 M.A. Erin Johnson and ’20 Cole de Silva married in Hawaii. Erin is a social media specialist at GU and Cole is a software engineer.


’18 Lindsey Johnstone and ’13 Joshua Dube's wedding portrait.

’18 Lindsey Johnstone and ’13 Joshua Dube married in Wyoming and both work at Sheridan (Wyo.) High School. Lindsey is an art teacher and Joshua is a social studies teacher and head girls’ soccer coach.


’16 Monica Lyons and ’15 Collin Walker's wedding portrait.

’16 Monica Lyons and ’15 Collin Walker married with 18 other Zags celebrating with them. Monica is an occupational therapist and Collin is a computer engineer.


’16 Kimberly Pavela and ’16 Alessandro Bermudez and ’19 Danielle Spellacy and ’19 Keegan Banks's wedding portraits.

(left) ’16 Kimberly Pavela and ’16 Alessandro Bermudez had their first date at Clinkerdagger during their freshman year at Gonzaga which is where they found themselves celebrating their engagement during alumni weekend in 2021. Seventeen other Zags celebrated as the couple married in Novato, Calif., close to where the couple grew up and currently reside.

(right) ’19 Danielle Spellacy and ’19 Keegan Banks married in Santorini, Greece. Danielle is a resident physician at Providence Sacred Heart in Spokane and Keegan is a regional banking manager for Charles Schwab.


’05 Nicholas Puglisi and Kristen Nemejc and ’07 Joseph Vargo and Rachael Frantz's wedding portraits.

(left) ’05 Nicholas Puglisi married Kristen Nemejc in Chandler, Arizona, with friends and family. Nick is a market development representative for the Sazerac Company. 

(right) ’07 Joseph Vargo exchanged vows with Rachael Frantz at the Montecito Club in Santa Barbara, Calif. Joseph is an attorney at NGL Energy Partners.


’17, ’22 M.A. Alexa Salvador and ’17 Ryan Gaske's wedding portrait.

’17, ’22 M.A. Alexa Salvador and ’17 Ryan Gaske married in Ryan’s hometown of Brisbane, Australia, with 12 other Zags who traveled across the ocean to attend. Alexa is the assistant director of Admission at Gonzaga and Ryan is a professional golf coach and center manager for GolfTec. 


’09 Forrest Smith and Catherine Reynolds and ’13, ’19 M.B.A. Fernanda Maria Valencia and Daniel Shannon's wedding portraits.

(left) ’09 Forrest Smith married Catherine Reynolds – with just 72 hours’ notice to be married at the bride’s father’s hospice facility in Alberta. Her father was able to see his eldest daughter marry before passing. 

(right) ’13, ’19 M.B.A. Fernanda Maria Valencia and Daniel Shannon married at the Church and Covenant of San Ignacio de Loyola de la Compañía de Jesús de Quito in Quito, Ecuador, following marriage counseling on campus at St. Al’s.


’19, ’22 Kimberly May and ’18 Sander Susee's wedding portrait.

’19, ’22 Kimberly May and ’18 Sander Susee met while involved in the Gonzaga Student Body Association and married at Alderbrook Resort and Spa in Union, Wash.


’22, ’23 Taylor Takasugi and Dylan Parrish's wedding portrait.

’22, ’23 Taylor Takasugi and Dylan Parrish tied the knot.

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