Explaining Test-Optional

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October 06, 2023
Office of Undergraduate Admission

As prospective students begin their applications this fall, there are so many questions that come up throughout the college search and application process. One of the most frequently asked questions that the Office of Undergraduate Admission receives is “What is your test-score policy?”

Our office would love to explain our testing policy to all prospective applicants applying for first-year admission. Gonzaga University is “test-optional.” This means that we will not require an SAT or ACT score for those applying for college admission.

The Office of Admission does a holistic review of application with or without test scores. Students applying without a test have access to everything available to test-takers: admission, automatic merit scholarships, direct admission to nursing, the Honors Program, and other Gonzaga scholarships.

However, there are two important exceptions to this policy. Homeschooled students with less than 30 semester or 45 quarter college credits (at the time of applying) must submit an SAT or ACT to be considered for admission. Additionally, international students are required to submit a test score to demonstrate English proficiency through TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, iTEP, SAT, or ACT.

Since Gonzaga is test-optional, one of the most common questions that our office receives is whether or not a student should submit their test score. When deciding whether to submit a test score, consider if the test score is a good representation of you as a student, then you may wish to submit test scores. For students who enrolled in Fall 2023, the middle 50% range of scores is 28-32 on the ACT and 1265-1410 on the SAT.

If you have any questions deciding whether to submit your test scores, we encourage students to reach out to your admission counselor or set up an individualized admission interview to discuss your application and submission of your scores.

To learn more about how to apply and Gonzaga’s Admission Requirements, check out the links below.: