Completing Your Undergraduate Application

January 12, 2023
Office of Undergraduate Admission & Admission Operations

You are almost there! The college application process can be daunting and confusing, and we are cheering you on as you get closer to the finish line. As we near the final first-year admission application deadline, the Undergraduate Offices of Admission and Admission Operations want to provide some helpful information for applicants who have incomplete applications and are missing letters of recommendation and/or test scores. If a student’s application is missing certain documents, our office sends out regular communications about what is missing, and below, applicants and families can explore how to get those important documents turned in.


Letters of Recommendation:

When it comes to Letters of Recommendation, there are a few frequently asked questions that we have included below to help applicants to get their materials sent in.

  • How do I send the recommendation(s) to Gonzaga?

  • Recommenders may send letters via the Common Application or email them to Please note, we require that the recommender email the letter, not the student.

  • How do I have a recommendation letter sent via Common Application?

  • Applicants must indicate on the Common Application their recommender’s name and email address, which will then allow them to submit their letter of recommendation directly to the Common Application.

  • Who should I ask to write my letter of recommendation

  • Recommenders can be any teacher who has taught the applicant in high school, though we recommend the teacher be from a core-subject area and one with whom the applicant has a strong relationship.

  • Homeschooled Students: Recommenders cannot be related to you, even if they are your instructor. Letters of Recommendation can come from an employer, Community College teacher, Pastor, etc.

  • How should I ask them to write a letter?

  • We advise applicants to have a conversation with their desired recommenders about their request, to ensure that the recommender is aware of this ask and has the capacity to write the letter. Once this is done, applicants can request through the Common App.



Test scores:


There are a few ways that applicants can submit test scores to us such as sending a screenshot of their score, sending a downloaded PDF of their SAT or ACT Score reports, or sending scores directly from the College Board (SAT) or ACT websites. Please note, that Gonzaga is a test-optional institution, so test scores are not required for admission. If a student is currently missing a test score in order to complete their application and they would prefer to be considered without a score, please email, and we can switch the student to applying without a score. If applicants have questions about our test-optional policy, please reach out to your direct admission counselor using our Find your Counselor tool.

  • Screenshots

  • Applicants may email with screenshots of their SAT or ACT score. These screenshots must include the following:

  • Applicants Name

  • Date of Exam

  • All Section Scores

  • If applicants desire for us to super score their exams (taking the strongest composite score of all exams taken) we then need the above information for each exam taken to calculate a super-score


  • PDF download of applicants Score Report

  • Applicants can also email with an ACT or SAT Score Report. To find the Score report, applicants must:

  • Navigate to your dashboard and click the arrow on the right of any score report.

  • If you are downloading or printing from your desktop, click the Download Your Score Report button on the top right. If you are using a mobile device, click the download icon on the top right.

  • Email with that screenshot and the applicant's name.


Sending Scores directly through the College Board (SAT) or ACT Websites

  • Sign in to your College Board account, then go to the Send SAT Scores page. On the Send SAT Scores page, you might get a prompt about fee waivers. If the message does not apply to you, you can ignore it.

  • Select colleges to send scores to.

  • Search for colleges by name or code. Gonzaga’s SAT Code: 4330.

  • Click one or more colleges to add them to the score recipients list, then click Continue.

  • For each recipient, send all scores or only some of your scores.

  • If you’ve taken the SAT more than once, you can send only your best score. However, the college you’re sending scores to might have a policy that they want to see all of your scores. As you select scores to send, you can view the policy requirements of the schools you selected and send what they require.

  • Review your order. Check out.

  • You’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions and select a payment method.

  • Fees

  • $12 per score report, after the nine-day window, has passed.


  • Submitting ACT scores through

  • Create or sign in to your MyACT account and request to send reports from your scores dashboard, and pay by credit card. Gonzaga’s ACT Code: 4458.

  • Fees

  • $18.00 per test date per report

  • If you are sending scores from before 9/1/2020, scores are subject to an additional $30.00 archive fee which applies per test date, per order.



Please do not hesitate to reach out to our office at any time if you have any questions about Gonzaga, the application process, or any of the logistics mentioned above. You may reach our office via email at or via phone at (509) 313-6572.

Curious about who your direct Admission Counselor is? Find Your Counselor here.