Sanna Darvish

July 05, 2021

Graduation year: 


Life After Gonzaga: 

Since graduating last year, Sanna has spent the past year serving her hometown of Seattle as an Americorps member, working on hunger relief in communities experiencing food insecurity specifically due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This upcoming summer, she will begin her Masters degree at the University of Colorado Boulder in the department of Integrative Physiology. Her research will focus on cardiovascular aging, specifically studying the mitochondria of vascular cells. Sanna's goal is to eventually earn her doctorate and focus her career in academia as a Physiologist and Professor in the field.

What made the greatest impression on you during your time at Gonzaga?

The passion my professors had for physiology and teaching made a huge impression on me as an undergrad. I have always had a passion for physiology but the support and encouragement I had from my professors and advisors inspired my goals of doing the same for other students as a future educator. I hope to create communities of students who are motivated to learn and challenge themselves through their passion for science.

What skills or knowledge gained during the program did you find most immediately useful after you graduated?

The opportunities for leadership in our group research projects and as a teacher’s assistant have been extremely useful. Learning to communicate effectively and problem solve in scientific and academic context has pushed me to achieve my goals and create new goals for my future career. 

What skills and abilities do you think future HPHY graduates will need to have to be successful?

I think it is important for students to have a curiosity for the world around them and use their HPHY education as an instrument of service to others.