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toddler boy holds baby sibling
Proszek siblings

July 02, 2021
Gonzaga Magazine, Summer 2021

Congrats to all the proud families welcoming new family members to the Gonzaga community! 


two separate photos, one of parents with baby and one of separate baby

’05, ’08 J.D. Emily (Sullivan) Herzog and David share the love of their new son, William (LEFT).
’06 Julia Keller and ’04 Isaac Wallick celebrate the birth of Cameron (RIGHT). 


two separate photos, one individual baby and one toddler holding baby

’08 Kelli (Bacon) Howe and Troy Howe welcome Freddie to their family (LEFT).
’09 AJ Proszek and ’12 Cara Proszek proudly welcome Kolton to the world. He's pictured (RIGHT) with big brother Grayson. 


two separate photos of newborns, one with parents 

’10 Sean Cenotto and Catherine Cenotto share the arrival of Kiera (LEFT).
’11 Alexa Marsh and ’11 Greg Marsh welcome Graham (RIGHT).


two images of individual babies

’12 Corey (Protzman) Kachigan and ’12 Brad Kachigan celebrate their daughter, Quinley (LEFT).
’13 Christina (Schmutz) Golden and Andrew Golden welcome Ashlyn into the family (RIGHT).


 two separate photos of infants

’13 Michelle (Eastwood) Zimny and ’13 Daniel Zimny introduce future Zag, Eva (LEFT). 
’13 Taylor (Mattheisen) Lance and ’13 Ben Lance proudly celebrate Harper (RIGHT).


two separate photos of babies

’15 Sasha Rhodes and ’15 Nicholas Rhodes have named Oliver Aloysius after St. Aloysius Gonzaga (LEFT).
’19 Nicholas Barnes and Stacy Barnes announce the arrival of a son, Ridge (RIGHT).


baby in a bucket with a gonzaga flag
’03, ’04 Jen (Forsman) Stoyell and Sean Stoyell announce the arrival of Abigail.


two photos of babies; one individual, one set of twins 

’09 Sarah (Tharp) Schwartz and Michael Schwartz are proud parents of Ezra (LEFT).
’10 Angie (Tarabochia) and ’10 John McDonagh introduce twins Harper and Henry (RIGHT).


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