In The News: U.S. House Chaplain Fr. Conroy Returns to GU

photo and headline display from the spokesman-review
The Spokesman-Review, Apr. 2, 2021

April 21, 2021
Greg Mason, The Spokesman-Review

Father Pat Conroy, S.J., attended law school at Gonzaga in 1972-73, when a chance meeting with Father Pat Carroll, S.J. eventually led to him joining the Jesuits. He came back in 1976-77 to earn his master’s in philosophy, and in 2021, returned to work with students through the Office of Mission & Ministry.

Now 70, Fr. Conroy served as chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives for the past 10 years, a post that centered on praying for the work of Congress and offering spiritual support for its members. He left Capitol Hill in January and moved into Catherine-Monica, one of Gonzaga’s favored freshman dorms.

In an April story in The Spokesman-Review, he said: “A chaplain is not about building a faith community because the people that a chaplain is responsible for come from various faith traditions. So the chaplain’s ministry is being available for the encouragement of and assistance in spiritual or human growth for everyone the chaplain’s responsible for within their own tradition or personal life.” 

Following is Greg Mason's feature from The Spokesman-Review, Apr. 2, 2021:

"The Nembhard of Mission & Ministry: Gonzaga campus minister reflects on faith and his time as U.S. House Chaplain.